Solutions That Lift Your Business

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Set your campaign to trigger ads only when it meets desired parameters

Exact Age

Choose age bracket or exact audience age that meets your campaign goals.


Target a specific gender relevant to your promoted product or service.

Specific Location

Attract customers to your point of sale by choosing a specific location for your ad to play.

Glasses / Sunglasses

Are you promoting glasses or summer-related products? Make sure your ad is in front of the right customer!

Facial Hair

Make sure your message reaches the right audience.

Distance from Screen

Ads triggered based on the viewer's distance from the screen.


Catch your audience at the right time!

Ready Content 

Submit your ready-made content to go live directly to your audience 

Raw Content 

Submit your raw footage, images, and let us do the editing.

Design Campaign

Tell us your story, campaign goals, explain your message to your targeted audience, and let us do the rest!

Make sure your campaign pays off!
Add a scannable dynamic QR code over the screen
while your ad is playing. 

Customize your QR code to meet campaign goals

Link your website, social media accounts, info page, image, video, pdf, event, App, collect feedback, or even add a discount coupon to attract your customers to your point of sale. 

Design QR code look and feel

Design your QR code the way you want your audience to see it. Change color, shape, size, edges, or even add your logo inside the frame.

Measure the success of your campaign with unprecedented & first of its kind metrics in the out-door advertisement industry.

Business Uplift 

Track your campaign success by receiving precise information on the number of QR code scans, scan location, and scan time. Compare our metrics to your website conversions (I.e. Purchases, Subscriptions, etc.). Track with other measurements like in-store foot traffic after exposure to the DIVVI ad.

Full Report 

After completing each campaign, you’ll receive a detailed analytics report to measure campaign performance.