Digital Advertisement
running around cities

Our expanded street-level reach makes it easier and flexible to target demographics in all t cities that we are present in. In just one click of a button, your creative advertisement can fly from near your point of sale to miles and miles beyond.

Audience on the go

People spend an average of 7-10 minutes on each ride until they reach their destination. With +600,000 rides booked a day (within the GTA), catch your audience on the go with campaigns that create a huge impact, and turns your audience into potential customers, followers, or even supporters of your message.

Our metrics speaks for itself

Don’t settle for less than a lead. When your message is out on the screen, it’s supposed to get back with results. We make sure you target the right audience, then we make sure to get results. Measure campaign success with detailed reporting that includes specifically targeted demographics, user engagement, and business uplift by lead generation.

Don’t take our word for it!

We don’t say it, we do it. What we offer is exactly what you get. DIVVI is introducing the most innovative approach to Out-Door “Billboard” advertising like never before. We don’t wait for people to pass-by billboards, we take the billboards to their comfort zones. We engage them with creatives that make them happy and entertained while delivering the most effective message.